If you are a beginner in weight and resistance training, using and finding the right equipment in order to help you achieve your fitness goal is just as vital as the exercise itself. There are several equipments in the market that can help you in your fitness journey. One of the best equipment out there that is offered today is the Smith Machine. This machine can be great for helping novice and intermediate individuals in building initial strength and muscle through following a disciplined routine.

A number of Smith Machines are available to choose from. In order to help you decide, here’s a list of the Top 5 Smith Machines based on functionality and practicality.

5. Marcy Diamond Elite (Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing by Marcy)

 Marcy Diamond Elite

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage takes pride in its total body training system which combines the function of a Smith Machine with precision, linear bearings, free-weight rack, and a system of cable routed pulleys. This machine is surely a functional and versatile product. The product includes:

  • All-steel Construction – This system is made from a high grade heavy duty steel with a tensile strength of about 2,000 lbs making sure the system will last years of use.
  • Multi-functional press arms – The system is designed with dual action press arms allowing users to perform a wide range of arm and chest exercises.
  • Dual-action leg developer – This machine has a pivot point which facilitates proper body form during workouts.
  • Olympic free-weight rack – This machine includes 6 weight plate pegs that are placed into the frame making it easier for users to organize weights or barbells.

4. Marcy Power Cage (Marcy Olympic Multi-Purpose Strength Training Cage with Pull Up Bars/Adjustable Bar Catchers and Pulley SM-3551 by Marcy)

Marcy Power Cage

The Marcy Power Cage System is a multi-use workout machine that promises to give you the ability to exercise in the comfort of your own home or office. The main features of this Smith Machine are Durability and Stability. This system includes:

  • Adjustable Style Bar Catches – This machine is designed with an adjustable bar catch so that it is easier for the user to move from bench press to squats. 
  • High and Low Pulleys – With the multi functional cable pulleys that target all muscles, users can build up their chest, shoulders, back, triceps, and abdomen. 
  • Weight Plate Storage – This allows users to store and pile dumbbells and kettle weights in the weight plate shelves. The rack can hold up until 150lbs.
  • Exercise Station Types 

3. Fitness Reality 810XLT (Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage with The 800 lb Capacity Super Max 1000 Weight Bench Combo by Fitness Reality)

 Fitness Reality 810XLT

This Smith Machine is a combination of the Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Cage together with Fitness Reality 1000 12 Position Weight Bench. With this innovation, it will surely save you a lot of money while providing you the structure and versatility you need in order to have a productive work out. The key features of this product are: 

  • 800 lbs weight capacity
  • Two sets of Safety Bars – Each pair of bars can handle a weight capacity of 800 lbs and are adjustable to 19 height levels to give you a total range of work out positions. 
  • Multi-Position Chin-Up/ Pull-up Bars – This system allows users to build muscles of the arm, shoulder, and back with a wide range of exercises they can perform.
  • Twelve Position Adjustable Backrest and Two Position Adjustable Front Leg

2. Inspire Fitness Ft2 (Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station (Inspire FT2 with Bench) by Inspire Fitness)

Inspire Fitness Ft2

This unique system integrates Smith Machine with Olympic bar and weight stacks removing the need for Olympic weight plates. This machine allows users to have the freedom to choose the movement they want in any plane or direction while performing weight resistance exercises. The key features of this product are:

  • Dual Independent Weight Stacks – This allows users to independently work each side of the body for a more balanced exercise. 
  • Optional Preacher Curls – This gives off the traditional preacher curl position, allowing users to focus on upper body exercises.
  • Fully loaded options – This includes SCS Bench, leg extension attachment, and leg conversion kit.
  • Optional Leg Extension – Using the leg conversion kit and SCS bench, the leg extension hooks up to the weight stacks, removing the need for Olympic weights.

1. Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine Package (Body-Solid GS348QP4 Series 7 Smith Machine Gym Package, Power Rack for Strength and Weight Training by Body-Solid)

Body-Solid GS348QP4

The Series 7 Smith Gym System gives users the freedom of movement in order to doo exercises correctly. This system is based on a commercial quality mainframe and set to a 7 reversed pitch. The 7 angle was designed to allow natural upper and lower body movements for precise chest and gluteal biomechanics. This machine takes pride in being able to do over 50 different exercises which are in full control of the user. The main features of this product are: 

  • Lat pulldown attachment – It includes the 210 lbs weight stack, low row straight bar and foot brace allowing users to do upright and seated rows, and bicep curls.
  • Pec-dec Station – This allows users to develop balanced strength and musculature in the chest, shoulders, and upper back through performing bilateral and unilateral pec decs.
  • Adjustable utility bench with leg developer – This allows users to have bench press variations. Users can also add weight to the front post in order to use the leg developer. 

So there you have it – some of the best Smith Machines in the market. So if you are looking for one that will complement your resistance and weight routine, or all of your equipment in a single, all-in-one package, one of the above products should meet your needs.

As always, best of luck to your fitness goals and workout journey.


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