Home decor is indeed an important element in having a beautiful and peaceful home. It is also an aspect where homeowners can inject their personal styles and character in order to have a more emotional attachment to the space of their homes, while also making sure their home has its own unique vibe and feels. 

One of the modern ways to design your home is by using neon lights as a home wall decor. Together with french linen, aesthetically pleasing wallpaper prints, and new-take on pastels, neon lights have been an increasing home decor trend in recent times. This may be due to the fact that a more stylish lighting option beyond the limits of pendant lights and lamps has been developed using modern technology. Furthermore, many night clubs, casinos, bars, and even homes have used neon lights as a design addition to the space. With that, in order for you to be able to set up your own neon lights, here are the backgrounds and ideas on how and what are the best designs that you can follow:

  1. Use words to create a more unique and personalized neon light
neon light

Image lifted from: https://www.hgtv.com/shopping/news-and-trends/neon-lights-you-never-knew-you-needed-pictures

One of the most common ways in order to utilize neon lights or even neon-style LED lights is through using them to spell out certain words or phrases that produce a specific mood or feel in the space of your home. As seen on the sample above, it says “do what you love.” This neon light phrase creates a more conducive environment for your work space or home office so that you can focus and concentrate more to finish your daily tasks. There are a number of available and ready-made neon lights like this that you can immediately buy from different neon lights providers. However, if you wish to do different words, phrases, or sentences, you can create it through talking with your professional remodeler and electrician in order to come up with customized neon lights. It is also highly suggested that you customize your own because other than it is more personal and unique, you can also make sure it fits the space you have at home in order to achieve the ambiance that you want. Most common words for ready-made neon lights are home, welcome, family, dream, hello, be happy, goodnight, good vibes only, and etc. You can choose from these words if you want to set up your home decor faster. 

  1. Choose a unique neon light design and place it in a plain white wall
Neon Light

Image lifted from: https://www.crousel.com/en/artist/glenn-ligon/

One of the ways in order to highlight your neon light home wall decor is through choosing a statement piece and hanging it on a plain white wall background. In this way, the design of your neon light will pop out and will surely draw the eyes of the people in the space of your home. Decorating your large white wall with a statement neon light piece hanging will surely be a unique addition to your home decors. It can also change the vibe of your whole place, so it is important to choose statement pieces that you want to embody the feels of your space as a whole. Moreover, hanging your neon light on a white wall can also help in illuminating your home. Because the neon light is placed on a large white wall, it can help scattering and reflecting the light produced by the home decor. So if you are looking for room lighting ideas, you can choose a warm color tone and hang it on your large white wall. In this way, it can infuse your whole space with a heartwarming glow. 

  1. Integrating your neon light decor with other design elements and compositions 
Neon Light

Image lifted from: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000159632433.html

If you do not want to hang your neon light on your large plain white wall, you can place them on your table or hang them in the corner of your room and integrate some other art or home decors in order to produce an aesthetically pleasing combination. You should remember that neon lights do not have to be always the attention-seeking decor in your home. Together with functional and practical objects, neon lights can be utilized as an additional design to an already established composition in your home made up of various artistic and ornamentation decors. In this way, the neon lights can use its soft side to create an overall appealing and warm atmosphere in that specific corner of your home. Moreover, you can mix up neon lights with other furniture and functional pieces like shelves, storage units and chairs, and other design materials such as wood, textiles and plants in order to produce a harmonic home design.

  1. Integrate your neon light with a plant wall
Neon Light

Image lifted from: http://simplestylings.com/artificial-boxwood-accent-wall-and-diy-neon-sign/

Incorporating your neon light with a plant wall is surely a unique and original wall art idea not only for your living room but also to any part of your home. You can set up your plant wall with real plants, however it will take too much effort, time, and resources in order to set up such a wall. It will also be difficult to maintain a real plant wall. Thus, it is highly suggested that you use fake plants in order to set your plant wall. As seen on the photo above, a neon light is incorporated to a fake plant wall. The green color of the wall does not only add a more relaxed and homey feels to your space, but it also gives a unique statement to the home as a whole. With the addition of the neon light, it gave the plant wall more structure and dimension. With the soothing effect of plant wall and with the cool, exciting effect of the neon lights, the design combination will surely change your space for the better. 

  1. Neon light on a dark background
Neon Light

Image lifted from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/deringhall/2020/02/20/designing-with-neon-signs/#28105f38105d

In contrast to what has been stated above where you hang your neon light on a plain white wall, you can also highlight your neon lights decor when you hang it on a dark background. It is usually suggested to utilize bright colors for your neon light such as blue, pink, green, and the likes so that the art decor will pop out of the dark wall. It can also significantly change the mood of your place, depending on the color you choose. Hence, it is important to make sure you use the right color in order to achieve your desired ambiance of your space. 

  1. Put your neon light decor on your bedside table
Neon Light

Image lifted from: http://carbonbrushtechnology.co.za/Light-with-PedestalBattery-Operated-Wall-ArtBedroom-DecorationsBedside-LampHome-AccessoriesParty-and-Holiday-Decor-792915/

Adding a neon light decor on your bedside table will not only benefit your bedroom aesthetically, but also help you rest better. Having a neon light as a mood light in your bedroom aids in helping you sleep faster. By choosing the right design and color of the neon light, you can improve not only the design of your bedside table but you can also significantly change the ambiance of your space. People with difficulty sleeping in pitch black rooms such as children and young teens can actually benefit with a mood neon light decor that is placed on their bedside table. It can give a sense of comfort to people who are afraid of the dark. It is also suggested to incorporate this neon light decor with other bedside decors such as candles, framed statement pieces, stacks of books, or other design and functional objects. 

  1. Accent furnitures or other decors in your home with neon lights
Neon Light

Image lifted from: https://freshome.com/inspiration/how-to-decorate-with-neon-lights-indoors/

One of the most unique ways in using neon lights for improving your home is through utilizing it as an accent for your furniture or other home decors. Neon-style lights can be utilized in order to add a glow from under major pieces of furniture. You can surely make a twist of the traditional accent lighting under cabinets or tables, just like the photo above. Moreover, neon lights can also make your furniture or other home decors pop all the more. You can observe in the photo above that the art hanging on the wall was accented with neon lights. This technique draws the eyes of people to the art wall, making them appreciate the centerpiece of the living room more. There are no limits on what furniture or home decors you want to accent with neon lights. You just have to make sure that the color you use accents the material well.

  1. Create a futuristic space with neon lights  
Neon Light

Image lifted from: https://freshome.com/inspiration/how-to-decorate-with-neon-lights-indoors/

When you mention neon lights, most people will immediately think about a modern and futuristic design. It is true because neon lights do have a vibe straight out of a sci-fi film. Hence, you can utilize this aesthetic of neon lights in order to create a modern or futuristic feel in your space such as in your work room or even in your bedroom if you desire. You can create a room that has a futuristic element to it by adding neon vertical lighting such as seen in the photo above. You can also do this for your bedrooms, den areas, and man caves. You just have to utilize thick solid vertical or horizontal straight neon lights in order to achieve it. More than that, you have to hire a professional remodeler or electrician in order to hook up the lighting properly to make sure nothing will be a problem. With that, you must remember that properly installed and constructed thick solid bar neon lighting should never run warm. If it does, then you must inspect it or you must invest in a higher quality type of neon light.

  1. Place neon light decors above your couch
Neon Light

Image lifted from: https://cupcakesandcashmere.com/decor/new-office-reveal

Placing your neon light decor above your couch will give your living space a more lively and cool vibe. It also adds an accent to your couch. As seen on the photo above, placing the neon lights on the wall where the couch is situated gives the space a more welcoming feel for both guests and homeowners. Moreover, the space is more homey and relaxing with the neon light placed above the couch. You must also remember that you can use contrasting colors for the couch and the neon light. However, it is highly suggested that you use neon light colors that are almost similar or in the same shade with the couch because by doing so there is unity with the design aesthetic. Furthermore, it also accentuates the couch which makes people feel more relaxed and at ease being in the whole space. 

  1. Improve your bedroom by using neon lights
Neon Light

Image lifted from: https://www.tlcinteriors.com.au/howto-decorate/above-bed-art/

Placing neon lights in bedrooms is an increasing trend today. Neon lights can be utilized instead of usual sconces in order to add a more lively vibe to your personal space. It can also make your bedroom more informal and welcoming at the same time, helping you relax more the stresses of the outside world. With that, you can attach the neon lights of your choice on one side of the bed or over the whole bed instead of a headboard, use various fun words and phrases to make the neon inspiring for you. You just have to remember to inject your personal taste and style when incorporating the neon light into your bedroom so that you have a deeper connection with your personal space. Furthermore, placing neon lights in your bedroom can help illuminate your bedroom. You can also use neon lights instead of headboards in order to have a more unique and personalized bed frame. You can also place a neon light over the bed to accent it and make the space stand out. Most people use calligraphy light to do this because it is more personalized and inspiring. With all that, indeed a neon light piece over the bed is a great idea to spruce up the space and make it modern and bold. 


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